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Philosophy of Work

I VALUE: connection, curiosity, growth, courage.


I believe that humans are beautiful, loving, whole, kind, and mutually cooperative souls.

I believe the task of being human is impossibly hard and immeasurably rewarding. 

I believe we are capable of incredible things, like healing, change, and growth.

I believe that YOU are worthy! YOU are deserving!

I believe that there IS hope.


As we move through life, we sometimes bump into situations that make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and disconnected from our true selves. To get unstuck from these feelings of anxiety and depression, we must take inventory of our values and core beliefs. Mental health counseling (and online counseling in particular) is designed to help clear the cobwebs, so we can see more clearly where and how we anchor these beliefs.
Like you, I am on a journey, seeking out ways to survive and thrive when the going gets tough. I’ve worked in parenting therapy, teen counseling, and anxiety and depression counseling for more than a decade. I am a mental health counselor and parenting coach because I’ve done–and continue to do–the work that’s led to this fruitful, rewarding path.
I can’t wait to share the skills I’ve learned with you, as we explore tools to navigate stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Please know that this platform is a safe, online counseling resource designed especially for you, and that I am eager to work with you regardless of your race, orientation, identification, ability, or gender. 

About Me

With a master’s degree in teaching and a background teaching project-based science, I’ve always been insatiably curious. I used to run around the woods documenting the plants and animals I would see. When I became a mom, I loved taking my daughters into nature to see what joys they would find in the wild. Following their curiosity turned out to be the best education ever for me. 
When gravity shifted, and life rearranged itself, I sought out counseling to help me reclaim my sense of identity. Counseling helped me redirect my focus and identify a renewed sense of purpose. I was hooked, and instead of buying a fancy car to celebrate midlife, I decided to pursue a second master’s degree, this time in counseling. Since 2014, I’ve worked as a counselor in public education, co-facilitated parenting groups, delivered in-home parent coaching, and hosted one-on-one, online counseling sessions.  
These days, I live in Southwest Colorado with my nearly grown daughters. I love to cook for my friends, eat dark chocolate, sleep late, make funny voices while reading children’s picture books, standup paddle board, and soak up the sunshine. I also never fail to burn the bacon and set off the smoke alarm but am pretty intent to keep trying, confident that there’s always room for growth.

Jackie Juliana Licensed Professional Counselor.jpg.jpg

Sometimes when climbing the steepest incline, even a small twig can afford us the balance we need to progress.
– Jackie

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